Honesty and transparency mean everything to us. If we don't know or can't do something, we'll tell you. Right from the start, we give you access to everything we do, including our Slack conversations. What's ours is yours.



We thrive on challenge, but proceed with pragmatism. Too often our industry dives headlong into empty pools. When you work with Rocketmade, you inherit all our collection wisdom of what works and what doesn't, resulting in valuable time and money savings.



A sustainable pace runs the best race. Pizza at 1am results in bugs and grumps, not shippable products and well-balanced human beings.



More than money, it's about the passion; the craft. We have no satisfaction in product funerals. We're in this to help you change the world. It takes focus and talent to make a dent in today's global economy. Having a capable launch team is crucial.


Minimal is always better. Nobody wants a monstrosity to maintain. We build accordingly.