Project Vision Worksheet

We're stoked that you reached out to Rocketmade to discuss your software project. Odds are good that you're eager to know how much it's going to cost to build your product and how fast it can be built. We totally get it and we're anxious to get to that point as well.

Throughout the entire process, our goal is to maximize shared understanding of the product between both parties. To get started, we would love to get some additional insights on why this project is important to you and the outcomes you are hoping to achieve.

Take time to answer the questions below, but don't get hung up on any one question. As soon as we have received your submission, we'll get in touch to set up our first meeting. 

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Tactical startup books you should read ASAP

We are big fans of the lean startup movement, which puts heavy focus on validating problems before building products. If you're new to the lean startup approach, we highly recommend picking up one (or all) of the following books:

Running Lean – Ash Maurya developed the Lean Canvas, an amazing tool for validating your product before setting about building the wrong thing.

Startup Owners Manual – Steve Blank is perhaps the godfather of the lean movement. This book will save you from trap after trap on your startup path.

Scrum: A Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Intro – If you're new to scrum, Chris Sims nailed this high-level overview. Read it. You'll be stoked.